You should buy Rap and Religion. It’s my very first book, and I worked really hard on it. Encourage a young sista. In case my personal appeal is unpersuasive, buy it because it’s cool. Seriously, look at that cover. Brian Gallagher of Galley Art did an awesome job.  It’s only $33.30 for a hardcover and $17.99 for a paperback.

If you’re not into books then buy it on Kindle. You can even get my kindlegraph .

I tell you what, tweet to u_experience why you want to buy the book, use the hashtag GangstasGod, and I will direct message a discount code. Shh, don’t tell my publisher.

Okay, if you still can’t afford to buy the book, ask your public or university library to buy several copies. Ask someone who bought the book if you can borrow theirs. It’s all good. I know how product gets, shall we say, “duplicated.”

Now, once you’ve bought (or acquired) Rap and Religion, I need you to read it. For real. You’ll enjoy it. It’s written in a tone just like this. It’s not one of those stuffy academic books with a lot of footnotes. It’s an excellent resource. It’ll be like a trip down memory lane with your favorite rap songs about God. Don’t take my word for it. Read what other people are saying.

After you’ve read it, spread the word. Review it for Amazon  or Goodreads. Tell your friends. Mention it in a blog. Tweet #GangstasGod. Hype Assign it to your students. Select it for your book club. Like The Utley Experience on Facebook. Invite Ebony Utley to come to your event, organization, or school. Introduce Ebony Utley to people who might want to interview her. Stay in touch with me and share your ideas at

You can do it. I believe in you.

Ebony Utley