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Hip Hop Scholar

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Read my interview with The Hip Hop Scholar. The Hip Hop Scholar’s misssion is to “bring back that sense of intellectual discovery so many of us have in our collective memory of Hiphop culture.”  

Life By Me

Posted by & filed under Interviews. describes Ebony Utley as a knowledge seeker, perspective shifter, and obsessive googler. Read about how and why I became a critic. Here is a description of LifeByMe from the site’s homepage. We ask one question to all sorts of people: “What is most meaningful to you?” We feature one original answer every day. We… Read more »

Ebony Utley Joins the Cypher

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Listen to one of my favorite interviews with Cypher Lounge Radio. My segment runs from 28:27-48:00. Here’s a description of the show from their site. Welcome to Cypher Lounge Radio where Hip-Hop meets Jay Leno with a twist of CNN. Kareem Fort, the brain behind the scenes and Talented Emcee/Songwriter/Cypher Lounge Host, Hassahn Phenomenon invites celebrities,… Read more »

The Ethics Guy Asks About Rap and Religion

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Bruce Weinstein

Listen to my interview with Bruce, The Ethics Guy. Dr. Bruce Weinstein is an American ethicist who hosts “Ask the Ethics Guy!” a question-and-answer series on Bloomberg Businessweek online and writes an ethics column there. He asks about the connection between rap and religion.

CSULB Professor Releases Heavenly Hip Hop Handbook

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Read Noah Kelly’s take on Rap and Religion from his article in the Long Beach Post. The Long Beach Post is comprised of and the monthly print publication covering news, life, business and sports in Long Beach, California.

10 Things We Learned From Reading Rap And Religion

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Read about the 10 things HipHopDX learned from reading Rap and Religion: Understanding the Gangsta’s God. HipHopDX is the source for up to the minute news on all hip hop artists, weekly album sales reports, release dates news and much more.

Rap and Religion with Armstrong Williams

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Listen to my conversation about rap and religion with Armstrong Williams and Dr. Carl Ellis Jr. on The Armstrong Williams Show. Here’s some background on the show: Armstrong Williams has been called one of the most recognized conservative voices in America, disseminating his views and opinions through this nationally syndicated radio show. According to the official… Read more »

Dr. Ebony Utley’s Rhymes & Reasons

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Listen to my interview with Rhymes and Reasons: The Stories of Hip Hop. Rhymes and Reasons is a series of interviews with hip-hop heads who talk about their lives in the context of songs that matter to them.