Rap, Religion and Relationships

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relationshipsHappy New Year!  Everyone here on the Rap and Religion publicity team (i.e. Ebony Utley) would like to personally thank you for visiting the site and supporting Rap and Religion throughout 2012. As of today, I am officially expanding my research interests to include rap, religion, and relationships. Although I  will be blogging less frequently on RapAndReligion.com, all of the previous content will remain accessible. Please come back to rewatch your favorite video, revisit previous props and posts, or assign the excerpt for your spring courses/youth ministries. While I am still available for campus visits, church lectures, tweet chats, and Google+ Hangouts to discuss Rap and Religion throughout 2013, I am also turning my attention to my next book project Shades of Infidelity: What’s Really Real?

If you are a woman who is at least 18 years old and has experienced infidelity either as a survivor (was cheated on) or an initiator of infidelity (did the cheating), please consider sharing your story with me. More information is available at http://www.theutleyexperience.com/infidelity.php. You can fill out the contact box on the page, call me at 562.985.5303, or email me at Ebony DOT Utley AT csulb DOT edu to request more information or schedule an interview. Please spread the word.