The God Quest

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God QuestRead my interview with Brittany “Bella” Graham of The Well Versed.

It would be grossly unfitting to start this column out featuring anyone other than Dr. Ebony Utley. Not only is she one of the main inspirations and supporters of my “God Quest,” but she’s also a respected mentor as well. Albeit I may be bending one of the core rules of journalism – interviewing a source that I am familiar (and friendly with) – since this is an opinion-based column and not a news article where I am bound to objectivity, I see no harm in doing so.

Furthermore, I believe that Dr. Utley’s upcoming book, Rap and Religion: Understanding the Gangsta’s God, is an excellent point of reference for someone who, like me, is on a personal exploration of faith, or is simply interested in the various ways religion has influenced Hip-Hop culture. Continue Reading